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We brought together the wedding planners of our country to talk about behind the scenes of their great events. These are the faces behind Mexico weddings.
They are the ones who pull the strings behind impressive decoration, impeccable lighting and perfect logistics at weddings in Mexico.

Planning a wedding is one of life’s most exciting journeys, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities to create a day as unique as your love story. And what better place to embark on this romantic adventure than the impressive landscapes of Mexico? With its diverse locations, rich cultural tapestry, and charming traditions, Mexico has become a sought-after destination for couples seeking an extraordinary wedding experience.

The sunny days have arrived and with them, the desire to enjoy outdoor activities grows. Among them, brunches but wait, brunch is lived and enjoyed so we want everything to look beautiful and impeccable.

Tablecloths, tableware, flowers, everything adds up when it comes to creating a very special atmosphere. We asked the experts and gathered their best tips in these 10 commandments for the perfect brunch. Keep reading and get to know them.

Actress and TikTok beauty star Mireya Ríos met her future husband Ari Menase just before Valentine’s Day on February 13, 2016. Almost six years later, the two agreed to be each other’s Valentine forever. “Ari organized a luxury surprise picnic in the mountains overlooking my hometown in Monterrey, Mexico,” Mireya shares with Brides.